Challenge Week…

Every year at Port Shepstone High School a three-day event, ‘Challenge Week’, takes place. This event is for all the grade 11’s in the school. It aims to form an unbreakable bond between the learners. But most importantly, it challenges each individual to be a better person for a better future.

For the past couple of years I have seen challenge week take place at school, but because of my, then, lack of maturity, I failed to understand what ‘Challenge Week’ was. Luckily by the time I reached grade 11 I began to fill in the blanks about what ‘Challenge Week’ is.

Past leaners said that the three days changed their view on life for the better. Hearing that was a bonus for me since my view on life was two-dimensional. Leading up to the week our double science class was responsible for the preparations and for getting everybody excited for the week ahead.

Although the task was not easy, it was worth it after hearing people’s feedback on the realisation that they have come to known:” We stand together.” The spirit of unity was among each person in the grade. We embraced one another with hugs. We shared our hurdles in life. The idea of no man being an island was clearly understood.

‘Be the change that you want to see in the world’ was the motto for the week, and hopefully for the rest of our lives. We challenged each other to break the bad habits of society. Through this we create a better environment for ourselves and a better future for our children.

As each person takes in what they have heard and what they have come to realise, I can only hope that they become better people. People who will be able to utilise their presence on this earth. I hope that they become people who will use the little power that they have to be the change that they want to see in the world.


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