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say goodbye to bottled water

South Africa is rated 3rd in the world in supplying safe, drinking tap water.

When I first read this fact I found it hard to believe. Don’t judge me just yet, I’ll give you my reasons, and I’m sure that I’m speaking on behalf of most South African’s:

  • On a couple of occasions I have opened the tap to find the water greyish in colour. I don’t know much about grey water, but I doubt that it’a safe to drink.
  • Tap water from different areas doesn’t taste the same.

Maybe these two reasons are holding us(South Africa) back from being rated first as the nation that has the safest, drinking tap water. 

This fact also made me think: I’ve been wasting my money on bottled water for far too long.


that explains a lot

South Africa has the cheapest electricity in the world


I guess that this is due to the fact that we do not import our coal. Eskom is the main electricity supplier in South africa, and when I say main I mean only.They don’t have a good reputation. I think the main cause of their reputation are the load sheddings. But look at the bright side South Africans, at least they are cheap. But I would expect the electricity to be more expensive. After all, eskom has no competition.


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