Book Reviews

My thoughts about the books I’ve read.


Lord of the Flies: William Golding

When this book was handed to me by my English teacher, I thought to myself, “Another novel?” After receiving the book I thought to myself that this was going to be a long term in the English classroom. But as soon as I read the first few pages of the novel, I became aware of the importance of the book and the adventure that I was about to be taken on.

In the book, a group of English boys are stranded on a deserted Coral Island after their plane crashed. The boys nominate a chief(Ralph). The boys, aged from 6 to 12, have to use their different abilities and work together in order to survive. As the novel progresses Golding is determined to reveal the evil within the innocent group of boys and thus revealing the evil in all mankind.

Through his choice of diction and use of symbolism, Golding creates a fable like no other that I have read. He exposes the good and the bad side of the boys. He uses a group of ‘innocent’ boys to showcase the fallen nature of man. Feelings are evoked within the reader as they come to understand the symbolism of the characters and the sequence of events.

This beautifully written novel has changed the way that most people view themselves and those around them. Golding witnessed evil during the war when he saw other humans being tortured. What amazed him was that the actions were carried out by educated men. Not by cannibals, but by average man. This made Golding think about the heart of humans.

Even though the novel was written more than fifty years ago, it still accomplishes its main purpose. Through the novel Golding says that evil exists in man and no place else. Through Simon we see that man also has good within them. Through Ralph we learn the importance of controlling the evil within and letting the good prevail.



Searching for Eternity: Elizabeth Musser

There are books that you read and you enjoy. There are some that you read and you are relaxed, and then there are those that become part of your life. When I finished Searching for Eternity it was like I had just lost a friend.

Emile de Bonnery is yanked out of his native France to go and live, in Atlanta, with a grandmother that he’s never seen before. His mother assures him with breezy comments like, “You will love America Emile.” A sudden disappearance of his father makes Emile search for answers.

I love the way that Elizabeth Musser blends the different cultures of France and America. The story is set after World War Two. Musser did a great job in capturing the legacy of the war. The novel made me aware of the French Resistance of which I had a little knowledge. The story is also set during the civil war.

Musser’s style of writing is what kept me reading. Her skill of capturing the characters’ emotions is amazing. Emile speaks in the first person which gives the book its individuality. The story doesn’t seem fake even though it is fictional. Musser put a lot of work into this book and I must say that it really shows. The novel’s double-edged title had me guessing until the end. The countless nights I stayed up awake to read this book were worth it. The ending left me satisfied and not feeling like something was missing.

I recommend this book to people who love to be taken on a journey through reading.



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