Finding Yourself in Others

Being in high school has taught me a lot of things about life. It has made me understand that it is possible to feel lonely even when there are hundreds of people around you. In the corridors, in class and during breaks, I have learnt some lessons that will help me face any situation head on. But the most important lesson that I will always remember is the fact that you will always need the next person. Maybe not now, but perhaps in the long-run.

Which brings me to say: No man is an island.

In life you need to be with others in order to make your presence on this magnificent earth worthwhile. As long as we live, we have that need within us to belong. We long to be with others. As humans we have an invisible force that bonds us together. That force connects us into one body. It exists between you and I, and between you and the next person.

Immersing yourself in a group of new people is a tricky thing to do. I usually do this with an intention to learn about the next person, but what surprises me is how much I learn about myself in those few moments. I often realise the similarities between myself and the next person, which makes me say the words: ‘We have so much in common.’ But what I don’t realise is that there is a bit of me in everyone, and most probably a bit of you in everyone else.

People will always be around. They will always play a huge role in your life. Some will bring out the best in you, but others will expose your weaknesses. They will make you cry and they will make you wish you were never born. The aim is to surround yourself with people that bring out your strengths. In that way, you have greater control of your weaknesses and your future.

Life is about decisions and the people around you are there to assist you in making them. They determine the person who are and will be. Learn to see the good in others so that it makes it much easier for you to spot the good in you. Afterall, in others you learn to find yourself.